Included in the Base Price

Site design based on one of our templates.

  • Use our site to choose a layout.
  • Pick a color scheme from dozens that are available.
  • Add background patterns or colors.

Two years of site hosting.

  • We'll register your site so people can find you.
  • We'll display the content using our servers.

Email addresses.

  • Ten email addresses for you and your staff.
  • Access to email using either POP or IMAP.
  • SSL connections are used for security.

Assistance with the content on the site.

  • We can help you find just the right words to tell potential clients who you are.
  • We'll edit your photos to make you look good.
  • We can write directions so people can find you.

Preparation of forms.

  • We'll convert up to five intake forms to .pdf files for client download.
  • We can also help you prepare Privacy Notification Forms.

Site maintenance.

  • Office hours and personnel change so we'll make sure your site changes too.
  • We'll update your pages when you offer new procedures or services.