Setting up a website is really easy because we do all of the work. We can suggest a design and color theme or you can pick the format and colors from our templates. If you have colors on your letterhead, we can even use those. Just let us know a little bit about you, your hours, and contact info and you're up and running. It's that easy.

We'll help you choose a website name and then register it for you. We can suggest email addresses that work well for communicating with your clients and avoiding spammers. Once the site is set up, we'll help you keep it current when hours or personnel change. All for just $500 for two years of hosting. (A 1-year plan is available for $350.) Details on what is included are here.

There are thousands of color and design combinations that you can choose from to make your site unique, but if you need something really different we can do that too.

You can add a newsletter or blog; set up a page of recommended products; recommend books and get commissions from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powells; use the web design in printed materials; or customize the site. Details on additional services and features are here.