This page contains some of the projects we've been working on recently.
Many of them are educational pages for web sites.
Most of the rest are marketing materials.

Web Sites

Learning Fundamentals

This is the web site for sales of LocuTour software. It was originally designed when most people had dial-up and so it used text rather than graphics. The redesign added downloadable software and exercises that can be done on-line.

Slip Into View

This is the portfolio site for our lead designer. It is written in Flash where she has complete control over fonts, size, and position of objects on the page. With Flash you can have the site do exactly what you want. However, the downside of using Flash is that it is not possible to link to specific pages and search engines can't find your content.

Precision Monitoring

The owner of this site wanted a clean modern presence. We designed this site, chose graphs and images, and created much of the content. It is being updated as the owner supplies additional photos and content based on user feedback.

Central Coast Interiors

The owner of this site provided photos and content. We did the site design made some minor edits to the content. We also did some minor editing to the photos. We think that there is too much white space at the bottom of the pages. We're waiting for an edit to the text on one page so we can pull the bottom line up a bit.

The Glen at Broadstone

The owner of this site needed a web site in preparation for a meeting with the bank. We created this site in three days using owner-supplied photos and logo. We suggested the site layout and the owner provided most of the content. The owners used a printed copy of the site in their presentation to the bank.


This is an example of a site where the owner has an objective and we help them attain it. The owner of this site chose the colors and we provided the site design. We also helped with the structure of the site and rewrote much of the text.

SensorSentry - Client Site

This project is a visual redesign of a temperature monitoring site. It still shows the same content but we fixed the color scheme and layout to make it easier to read. Elements are now lined up, button sizes are consistent, and graphs are easier to read. The changes were all easy to make, but the programmers didn't realize they needed to be done.

Stafford—Las Casitas

The client needed a way to present their rental units in a tightening rental market. This site shows off the interiors of the units, provide easy access to rental documents, and highlight the proximity to campus. We also made a brochure that matches the site. Contrast the new design with the old.


Learning Fundamentals Postcard

This is a postcard announcing the availability of special priced ‘Combos’. The postcard was mailed to 5,000 recent customers using Vistaprint for printing and mailing. You can view the full-size postcard here.

Vineyard and Wine Cellar Monitoring Postcard

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can ruin an otherwise promising harvest. This brochure explains the services provided by Precision Monitoring. Vistaprint was used for printing. You can view the full-size postcard here.

Walnut Street Office Postcard

This is a postcard announcing the availability of medical/office space. We created a mailing list of 1,700 doctors sent the postcard out using Vistaprint for printing and mailing. You can view the full-size postcard here.

World of Pinot Noir Postcard

This postcard was used to inform conference attendees that wine cellar temperature and humidity is something that doesn't have to be left to chance. You can view the full-size postcard here.

Learning Fundamentals Catalog

We primarily focus on web and CD projects, but occasionally need to do print projects for marketing. This is the online-version of our latest catalog. The on-line version is here. A PDF of the print version is here.

Hangar 46 Flyer

This is an example of how we can turn a basic idea into something that has a more professional feel to it. The original flyer conveys the fact that aviation maintenance services are available, but it doesn't capture your attention. The revised version is visually more appealing and focuses your attention.

Sensor Sentry Postcard/Brochure

The brochure highlights the features of the Sensor Sentry service. The postcard is a summary of a more detailed brochure. It is designed to inform potential customers of the services offered by Sensor Sentry and direct them to the web site for more information.

Notification of Monthly Sales

We've started using email to notify our customers of monthly specials and changes to our website. The mailings display nicely in most mail clients as well as online viewers like Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL.


LocuTour Multimedia

We've been making software for language, learning, and speech since 1994. Most of the software is written in Director and Flash. The software uses photos, drawings, and videos to allow children and adults to practice language and memory skills. The example at the left comes from a DVD that teaches sight words.

Apps for iPad and iPhone

Apps are great for working with children and adults who have language, speech, and attention issues. Our software uses colorful pictures to grab your client’s attention but the most important part of the software is the built-in voice recorder. Clients can hear their own voice, compare it to our production, hear the difference, and make corrections. We recently added rewards to the apps, for children who need reinforcement.

FAA Glossaries

This app for iPads and iPhones is a collection of Glossaries found in FAA publications for pilots. It includes words, terms, and acronyms from seven FAA books. There is even a quiz section where you can test your knowledge.

Time Timer®

Seeing how much time you have left makes it easy for students to concentrate on the learning activity rather than worrying about when they'll be done. We use a Time Timer in several of our CDs and built standalone versions for the company. We recently did an update to incorporate l0 languages and user suggestions.

On-line Exercises

We've taken the content for some of our CDs and reformatted it to work on the internet. We started with exercises for learning the basic sounds of English and have now put many of the Artic-like games on-line. We've also included exercises for learning basic arithmetic skills—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Learning Labels

Paper is expensive but electrons are cheap. Textbooks can show the parts of a plane but are limited in the number of different examples that can be shown. This web page shows that something as simple as a wing can come in various configurations. The rollover feature lets you test your memory by mentally labeling the parts, then rolling over them to check your answer.

Understanding Interactions

A textbook can show static images but a web site can show the interaction of the different parts. This page allows the student to simulate airplane attitudes and see what happens to the gauges. It will also allow the student to practice recovery from unusual attitudes learn to detect instrument failure. These things can be explained in textbooks but not practiced.

FAA Knowledge Tests Version 1

In this version, all of the knowledge test questions for a specific category are listed on the page and the answers are hidden. After reading the question—and determining the answer—roll over the dot below the question to check your guess and see a comprehensive explanation of the correct answer. Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, and Instrument Rating are finished. I'm working on the rest.

FAA Knowledge Tests Version 2

In this version, one question at a time is presented. Roll over the links on the right to see the answer and a detailed explanation. The questions are presented in a random order. The student can concentrate on one subject or use the page as a practice test where topics are intermixed.

Understanding Crosswind Component

This page is an example of a simple tutorial. It shows how to calculate the crosswind component using a table and also by using rules of thumb. It also provides links to other explanations and real-world examples.

Annual Inspection Checklist

An inspector at the FAA published a checklist of items that need to be done for annual inspections. He has never used it to conduct an actual annual inspection, so the format and arrangement needed some improvement. Here is the original version and here is our most recent iteration.

Airplane Rental

I've been spending a lot of time fixing airplanes lately. This one turned out nicely and I decided to keep it and rent it out as a trainer or for short weekend trips. But the insurance go to be too expensive o, so we just fly it for fun now.