About Us

We’ve been developing software for langage, learning, and speech since 1994. Our first website, to sell the software, came on-line in 1998. We learned a lot developing the Learning Fundamentals website and developing Touring Machine—a website devoted to general aviation and we've used that knowledge to develop websites for others. In the last year, we designed websites for a real-estate venture, apartment rental, an interior design firm, and a company specializing in remote monitoring. This page has examples of software and marketing projects we've recently completed.

Recently our CPA, our mechanic, and a health care provider asked us to design websites for them. We started looking at layouts and color combinations that we liked. After a few weeks of re-coding each time we made a change, we started building templates that allowed us to switch back and forth between different color schemes and layouts so that our clients could pick the design that best matched their business. The end result is this site where you can choose layouts, color combinations, backgrounds, and graphics.

When you call us, you'll reach the Learning Fundamentals line, since Slip Into View is a division of Learning Fundamentals.

The code for our sites complies with internet browser standards. The sites will display properly with all standards-compliant browsers. They will display on other browsers, but some elements may be out of place. Older browsers (like IE 6 and older versions of AOL) may not display things properly.

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